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About UPVC


Alternative Profile Pvt. Ltd. locates at Bansbari next to Gangalal Heart Hospital in Kathmandu . Our company's mission is to produce high quality environmental friendly products and to "preserve our country's natural resources i.e green forest". The product scope covers the windows and doors of u-PVC (UNPLASTICISED POLYVINYL CHLORIDE ). It is well represented and very popular all over the world and there by we are launching our product in Nepal . So we are confident that our product will satisfy customers. Moreover we would like to provide high quality products, excellent services to customers.



What is UPVC ?

u-PVC known as UNPLASTICISED POLYVINYL CHLORIDE is a superior material . It is economical, highly durable and ecologically friendly. With the right combination of ingredients like stabilizers, pigments and filters, the optimal quality u-PVC is manufactured.

Such fine modern u-PVC windows and doors are far superior to any aluminum, steel and timber systems. u-PVC windows have properties that make it the idel material and provide the higher quality , durability and effeciency .It eliminates the possibility of air, water and sound leakages with its special sealing systems.

u-PVC is a very poor conductor of heat and therefore makes an excellent insulator. u-PVC windows and doors will not rust , corrode and doesn't require painting, also it has various other advantages over other materials they are waterproof, termite proof, economical , maintenance free , easy to install .